I just got an amazing news: I got an internship in consulting!

It has been a long process (85 CV, 11 interviews, 3 proposals, 2 were great) but it's finally here. I'm feeling very lucky and excited because I get the opportunity to spend July in New York for training and that I will have August free (the real job is starting in September in Paris). Which means I can travel the US for 22-25 days. Which is an amazing opportunity to meet some of you and to discover this country !

I would love to make the best of that time and find great cities and natural parks to visit. I'm taking your recommendations Hubski !

I'm also looking for a room in July in New York, if anyone know someone who is looking or if you are looking for someone, you can pm me directly.


The Ann Arbor / Detroit area is replete with hubski-ers.

posted by Creativity: 1164 days ago