What's on your fridge? What do you stick in that place we all look every day, your reminders to yourself of what's the utmost vital?

I was struck by this looking at my own fridge, of course. Here's an image and some explanation:

From the left, straight across, more or less:

1) Week planner. Necessary to see when I'm busy and what I'm doing. I also use this to plan my meals for the week, especially when I have vegetables/food that will spoil and need to be used. This week is not too busy.

2) Hubski magnets. How could you not?? If you don't have any, PM insomniasexx RIGHT AWAY to get your own swag. These are vital.

3a) A hand-written copy of "Those Winter Sundays," a poem by Hayden, which recently came back to me and I wanted to think about, most important for its final line and question: "What did I know, what did I know/Of love's austere and lonely offices?"

3b) Monthly tracker. This is to track progress on my current goals: cardio, eating healthily (salads for lunch/smoothies for breakfast), working out, writing, work-work). The key is on the right on the separate piece of paper.

4a) My reminder to "Be Your Own Solution." Only you can solve your problems. Only I can solve mine. I see this every day and remember, I am my solution. I can solve my problems - but I have to do it.

4b) "Chase the Strange" - my writing mantra.

4c) Writing implements of all sorts. Pens, pencils, sharpies, highlighters, etc. Completely necessary.

5) Photo strip of me and my sister.

6) All the way to the right - a poem draft I really like, but put up on the fridge because I know I want to keep working on it, but I'm not sure how yet.

On the bottom, I have the Save the Date for insom's and randomuser 's wedding - how exciting! My June 2016 goals - I like to make a list of goals for each month and try to follow them, which helps me stay on track in life in general - and a training routine to help strengthen my hip, which I injured in December and kept me from running for a good 2 months.

Everything I put on my fridge is something I think is SO IMPORTANT I want to look at it every day and keep it in my consciousness.

What about you, yours? It's amazing how much personality can show just on something as simple as a kitchen refrigerator.


This is very old but you can see my fridge on the right. It's now covered in my children's artwork.

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