I don't usually follow the news, relying on the fact that really important things I'll certainly hear about through non-news media. One of such outlets of information for me is /r/all: not only does it show the coolest and biggest news that have touched people in some way, but it also contains a lot of nice stuff I don't get around to, like top /r/aww or /r/pics posts. I like that; maybe even need that.

Then, there's the doucheyness of /r/The_Donald. The adepts of the subreddit post things that vary from seemingly innocent or known to a closed circle of people (which I'm fine with) to things like open hostility towards a number of political and cultural groups and ideas (of the ones I've noticed so far: Hillary Clinton and her husband, Islam, LGBT) which is nowhere near acceptable in any community.

I guess it all started off as a joke. I heard people on Hubski talking about it like it did. I don't mind people being jerks within their own company, jokingly or not, but I don't want to see that in any shape once it spills over, which is what it currently does. Reddit has an option to filter certain subreddits from the /r/all feed... hidden behind a "Reddit gold" paywall - which means that I have to pay to not see the racist and jingoistic material that's always about 5% of whatever page out of first ten that I go on to see. What the hell?!

I try not to think about it too much: there are plenty of assholes, and some are bound to show up in everybody's life. I'm cool with that: such is life. Still, I'd rather not, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I dunno. Just bothers me.


    I dunno. Just bothers me.

Get off r/all or maybe even get off Reddit altogether. I spend less and less time there myself, only browsing r/cars, r/autos, r/boxing, and a few others from time to time on my lunch breaks. My last Reddit post was a while back. My three last actual Reddit interactions were me pming people telling them they should check out Hubski.

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