Both BoingBoing and Inc. fail in these articles. They erect a straw man and then take it apart, bit by bit.

"Gladwell said it would take 10k hours to become the best at something".

No, dipshits, he didn't.

He said that after looking at a number of successful people across multiple areas of achievement, that people who had achieved a certain level of success had done so after about 3.5 years of dedicated practice/effort/work. Or, if you calculate it out, about 10,000 hours of practice.

To get good.

Not "The Best."

I can't believe that people get paid to write this shit. I write for a living and would be mortified to put out anything as trite and ill-informed as either of these "articles".

<Grumbling incomprehensibly under his breath, the angry troll crawls back under his bridge muttering about fallacies and straw men and the judicious application of fire...>


Don't care. Will happily share anyone who shits on Gladwell.

Because fuck Gladwell.

posted by goobster: 1170 days ago