so, i'm just wanna know what do u guys think about taking arts in university? well short story, i'm a girl who live in vancouver. i'm currently studying in college. the first time i enter this college, i'm 100% sure that i want to take animation/ graphic design as my major. but as the time goes by, i know some friends who are going to take the same major as me, but they are all expert at drawing.. on the other hand, i barely draw, i dont even know how to use photoshop or any drawing software.. i just love arts, i love animation, i love how arts encourage me to even study more and i love making DIY things, and designing. so i just wanna know, should i keep on my track, which is struggling in art classes and knowing that my friends are experts or should i just give it up and look for any other interests? i really need ur opinion guys. i'm sorry if my english isn't that good, since english is not my mother language, thanks anyway! :)


I wouldn't recommend art school to anyone. I have a BFA in studio art and I wouldn't say I regret it but it's not something I'd advocate for anyone unless they're just fabulously talented and can get into a very traditional program like Ringling. I was in a similar position to you when I picked my major. Art was the only major at the time that I considered because it was the only thing I knew I liked but I was like 17 so I didn't know what else was available. Now I know I'm really interested in logistics but I didn't even know what that was at the time. And I'm not going back to school and getting further into debt so I have an art degree and work in a frame shop making $15/hr.

It doesn't sound like you're in a good position starting out. When I started school I had a portfolio from high school and I knew the basic programs like Photoshop and Illustrator and I had an internship behind me going in. Art school is really competitive and the job market for artists is even worse. And the pay isn't commensurate with the level of competition. We're talking like $20k for a graphic designer out of school in my area and they expect you to know the entire Adobe suite and be able to do various web things like Java and html, css. That's not to say that you can't go through a program and get a level where you're competitive in the job market but you're hobbled from the start and most public universities are willing to take your money and give you a degree the you can't do anything with. At least in the states. I went to school with a bunch of people who could accurately be described as having no talent and they got the same degree as me and I was headed to a good MFA program until I realized I couldn't afford six figure debt with the prospect of an adjunct instructor job as the likely outcome.

I don't mean to discourage you. Too much. Art school is a bad idea but if you really want to do I guess go for it. But I'd say you're better off finding something else and I think you can do that just fine if you take some classes that interest you and build some life experience.

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