With the recent passage of North Carolina bill HB2 (The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act), the uproar from business entities such as PayPal, Deutsche Bank and Salesforce made national attention and caused multiple postings on this site and others. National newspapers, such as USA Today, and electronic media portrayed the NC decision as “discriminatory” against those of the homosexual and transgender community.

As to PayPal and Deutsche Bank, let’s take a look at their “consternation” and refusal to open an office in Charlotte, NC because the state passed a law that respects “all” people, not just some of a highly outspoken group (if you listened to the governor’s clarification). PayPal, Deutsche Bank, reacted hastily and hysterically. If the firm really felt that way (had strong convictions) about this issue, you would think that they would also not do business in countries such as Saudi Arabia , Nigeria, Botswana , Yemen and other countries (where homosexuality is punishable by death), or with other countries such as India, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, and others (which outlaw the practice of homosexuality altogether). Why? They don’t pull out of those countries because of MONEY. PayPal, Deutsche Bank, and other like business entities, doesn’t pull out of those countries because they have no “conviction” they have stances of “convenience and opportunism”. They are acting hypocritically. It shows how many that “squawk the loudest” is nothing but “hot air” in their own right when it comes to strongly held corporate “beliefs”. Come on PayPal and DB, get real!


The fact that DB might be doing the wrong thing in other countries, doesn't mean that they aren't doing the right thing in NC. The NC decision is discriminatory.

One wonders where the NC legislatures think transgender people have been going to the restroom all this time. It's an offensive law targeting a minority that has more than enough ignorance to deal with.

posted by hootsbox: 1049 days ago