And with that ladies and gents, I filter #sillyseason and forget about national politics for another 4 years as best I can.

Vote out your incumbents, if you vote.


I would argue that both major parties committed to a single candidate each is the end of "silly season" and the beginning of "deadly serious season."

'member back when it was Hilary Clinton vs. "whoever the Republicans can scrape up?" And then Bernie Sanders (who?) decided to get off his porch and terrorize the heir apparent with all the independent Vermont socialism he could scrape up? And then we had a year of actual, honest-to-god Democratic debate about the heart and soul of the party?

Count your fuckin' blessings, man. In April 2015 this was gonna be the "all Hilary, all the time" show. Instead it's energized an entire generation into giving a fuck about politics.


It's funny how hip it is to hate on Hilary. Hip like this guy.

Hip like this guy.

Hip like this guy - fuck, how much money do you think he's made in his life by hating on the clintons?

So before you get all pox-on-both-your-houses about it, recognize that it's not like your team lost.

That could still happen.

posted by OftenBen: 959 days ago