I drive a 2013 Chevy Spark that doubles as storage for trash and my belongings. I like it. It'll probably be a joke like the Cobalt and Cavalier in a few years when they start falling apart but I haven't had any real problems with it.

Vintage Apple sticker. Maybe makes me seem less like a douchebag than people with white ones.

Trash goes in but it doesn't come out. My car is a black hole. Manual transmission. Infotainment system with Bluetooth, touchscreen and USB port.

"Size Matters" badge so rednecks in diesel trucks make sure to pass me whilst butthurt. There's also a Sinestro Corp sticker on there. Comics fans'll get it.

Tiny trunk.

Back seat. Got two lamps I built in there, multiple paintings that never made it out after I moved, clean clothes, a mirror and my college diploma. I effectively made my sedan a one seater.


kleinbl00 Let's see that Dodge Stealth.


Here it is! It's not in the cleanest of shapes at the moment, due to being a daily driver. Ironically, I was gonna clean it early this morning but decided “Eh. Fuck it. Who's gonna care how my car looks today?” Well, I guess the joke's on me. So please, ignore the bug guts.

I think the 3/4 profile view is one of the best angles for this car. I've seen the preview for the 86's refresh, where Toyota is going to swap the car over to their badge, and I have to say, I prefer the look of mine much more, especially the whole front end. While it's not as exciting looking as a McLaren or anything, it's a pretty good looking car and I think it'll hold up through the years as such.

Here is the engine bay. My FA20 happens to be all stock, with the exception of a light blanket of after market dust carefully collected over the past few years. You'll note the engine cover says “Subaru” and “Toyota” on it. The car is actually built at a Subaru plant and has more Subaru stamped parts than Toyota.

The instrument cluster with the tach nice and large in the center. With a digital read out of your speed in the bottom right of the tach, it's very easy to read.

Automotive purists will probably scoff at the automatic transmission. The car actually has a manual mode with paddle shifters when you're feeling sporty, and with the automatic transmission, anyone can drive my car if needed. It's not too hateful of a trade off.

It's mine and I love every last bit of it.

posted by tacocat: 961 days ago