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    Graduates of the Class of 2016 are leaving behind campuses that have become petri dishes of extreme political correctness and heading out into a world without trigger warnings, safe spaces and free speech zones, with no rules forbidding offensive verbal conduct or microaggressions, and where the names of cruel, rapacious capitalists are embossed in brass and granite on buildings across the land. Baby seals during the Canadian hunting season may have a better chance of survival.

And this is one of the reasons that I am against hate-speech laws. I want my racists out and loud and proud so that I can point at them and mock them. I want them to be proud about their hate and openly walking around in society so that they can be handed the consequences of being hateful bigots. The haters will always exist, and I want them walking around so that those of us who believe in human equality can point and say "this is why we need to fight bigotry and racism."


Another topic where it's the absolute extremes that are focused on. I'm close to some safe spaces, people who are trying to create free spaces for all sorts of people and doing so in ways that don't involve censorship.

But it's pointless to argue because y'all have already made up your minds that this is the way these people are because that's what Newsweek or anecdotal evidence on the internet tells you. Are there some extremists? Yes that's going to be the case anywhere. But there are so many people doing great, careful things.

posted by francopoli: 964 days ago