a guy I know from Ann Arbor named Laith Al-Saadi is a finalist on the show. He's incredibly talented, always has been. Otherwise, I wouldn't have this on my radar. But interesting stuff, none the less.

    The debut of the digitized diva on The Voice was scrapped for not looking good enough—an unfortunately temporary problem.


Ooh, I like Laith on The Voice. He's really good. I'm glad he made it to the finals. It doesn't look like he has a shot to win it, but he had a great run.

I'm not understanding the issue in the article. It sounds more like a licensing issue. If the owners to her image agree, then it's a go. Is it a good idea? The viewers get to decide that.

Singing duets with dead people has already been done though. Natalie Cole singing a duet with her dead father, Nat King Cole, on film was done a long time ago.

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