Best one online? That is a neat debate as various symphonies have done the whole Symphony.

Here is one of my favorites on youtube. Leonard Bernstein at the concert after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

My second favorite story about the 9th is Japan. Because Japan. Every New Year's Eve Japanese men and women fill a stadium and belt out the "Ode to Joy" movement from Beethoven's 9th. Roughly 10,000 people singing, and it looks amazing


fun fact about the first section of the Ode to Joy Movement -

Most people conduct it like this guy:

with the bass and celli slowing way down for their solos. Turns out that even though that's "tradition", Beethoven would have been FURIOUS. you can see the original manuscript on IMSLP, and it even says "In the style of a recitative, but in tempo. That means that those soli sections would be much, much faster.

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