This is the first "high velocity" landing that worked, the second on the barge!


This was a GTO launch profile, so the landing was much more complex. The first stage was coming back at a higher speed and ballistic arc. The first landing they only had to do a single engine burn for the landing. This one, because of the increased speed, was a three engine burn. Much more complex, and they still nailed it.

My guess is all of the previous barge failures were due to the nature of the barge movement based on the thrust pushing it around. They have that solved now, so they should be good here on out... at least "most of the time." Bottom line is, the FIRST time they attempted to land at the Cape, they nailed it, flawlessly. I think landing on an object that isn't moving and that you're own thrust isn't pushing around is much easier. Hence why the Cape landing worked the first time, and why they have had so many barge failures.


posted by francopoli: 1047 days ago