But the nice thing about the primaries is that they come in sequence, meaning you can concentrate on one state, or a group of states, at a time. Running a campaign spread throughout the whole country takes a much larger organization. A presidential campaign can swell to over 1,000 paid staffers; in 2012, Barack Obama's campaign spent $721 million, while Mitt Romney's spent $449 million. All observers expect the 2016 race to be even more costly. If you think Donald Trump not only has that kind of cash in liquid form but would drop it on his presidential campaign, I've got a line of steaks to sell you.

    And Trump is way behind the curve already. While much of that $150 million Clinton has already spent is gone, a lot of it was an investment that she can draw on in the general election, with offices in key states and operatives establishing networks of activists and volunteers who will work during the general. That's not to mention the fact that Clinton has nearly $30 million still in the bank.

    She also has a fundraising network a few decades in the making, which she will continue to call on. Trump, on the other hand, seems to have just realized he'll need more money in the general election than he can supply. Raising money, he told an interviewer this Wednesday, is "something we're going to start on right away."


I hated reading the part about the Koch brothers literally buying out the congress. Hopefully Clinton maintains her leftist-ish views (which she so humbly adopted from the sanders camp) and does something about all this money. Its a real shame.

posted by kleinbl00: 992 days ago