For about ten years, I’ve been warning people, “hang onto your media. One day, you won’t buy a movie. You’ll buy the right to watch a movie, and that movie will be served to you. If the companies serving the movie don’t want you to see it, or they want to change something, they will have the power to do so. They can alter history, and they can make you keep paying for things that you formerly could have bought. Information will be a utility rather than a possession. Even information that you yourself have created will require unending, recurring payments just to access.”

The other valuable lesson to learn here is BACK UP YOUR SHIT PEOPLE. But man, I hate Apple for a ton of reasons, many even legitimate. This is insane that they would pull your music collection, upload it to their servers then demand you use WiFi to listen to stuff you had on a local drive.

The third lesson here is that forcing people to upload and stream shows just how cheap storage and transmission of data has become. You'd think, if you have been around a while, that storing stuff used to be crazy expensive. This hits me finally. I have a desktop with 10TB (terabytes) of storage for my astronomy data, yet this story is what makes me realize exactly how cheap stuff has become.


So my first caveat on this is that anybody who has had "painstakingly imported from thousands of CDs" "(since before iTunes existed)" has to have seen the festering dumpster fire that has long been Apple cloud services.

My next caveat is that anybody with an iPhone has seen that Apple isn't at all transparent with your data - the snaps you take on your phone aren't image files, they're pieces of a giant f'n database that has to be parsed in and out and if you want the .jpgs you'd best also strap yourself to something less shitty like Google or Flickr.

My third caveat is that the whole "fuck you, you own a U2 album" trick from last year should make it pretty clear to everybody that Apple has not and never will considered "your music" to be "your music."

Finally, anybody who stores their music as .wav files is never going to be happy with itunes anything because AAC is more than good enough for the earbuds the author is listening over so methinks this is a whole bunch of righteous indignation over a service that has been demonstrably consumer-level since years before it was announced.

But yeah. I'm shocked and appalled that they'd actually scrub your hard drive. I guess that's why they bid so much for Dropbox - they really don't get subversion sync. It's funny - Google has done this for years now, except they (A) don't wipe your drive (B) don't charge you for it. I've got like, a stupid amount of music in iTunes and when I went Android, I got the phat one because I thought I'd need a lot of memory for music. Nopers. I keep it all on Google and stream it as I need. T-mobile doesn't even charge me for the privilege. It's damn-near seamless. But then, Google gets data and versioning and Apple so doesn't.

posted by francopoli: 1139 days ago