I was wondering if this program would be tough to duplicate or if it could be done in the US. I guess this answers part of my question.

    When news of the programme finally appeared in the media, Turnbull received hate mail, much of it from the US. “A fair amount of people said we are killing alcoholics, and abstinence is the only way,” said Turnbull. He shook his head. “We don’t walk away from cancer we can’t cure; we take a palliative approach. It hurts me to see guys drinking, but the alternative is not giving them any care.”

This part is also not promising for seeing this work in the US.

    And the studies say it works. A small, peer-reviewed study of the MAP, led by Tiina Podymow of Inner City Health and the University of Ottawa (Turnbull was a co-author) was published in 2006 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. “Then a media circus of nuclear proportions blew up,” said Muckle. Most of the media treated the study straight, but comedians and commenters pounced, including Jay Leno, who talked about the crazy Canadians giving free booze to homeless alcoholics.

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