I just "bought" this:

even though thenewgreen was going to give me his.

Yes, I drank the kool-aid. Now what? My nephew who speaks English as a third language says that my getting this phone was "a giant step for humidity."

Please geniuses of hubski, think of ONE thing that was useful to you and tell me (best tip/shortcut/feature/free download or whatever that I should embrace). Keep it simple. All suggestions appreciated. So far all I know how to do is send a text and make a phone call. Also I can make open windows go away.

I can kind of take a picture and email it. How do I get it up to a hubski post? How how? It gives me twitter and facebook as places to send it - but I imagine I have to send it somewhere that will see it as a jpeg.


Download Snapchat.

posted by lil: 1140 days ago