Your problem is that you make shit. A lot of shit. Cheap shit. And no one cares about you or your cheap shit. And an increasingly aware, connected, and mutable audience is onto your cheap shit. They don’t want your cheap shit. They want the good shit. And they will go to find it somewhere. Hell, they’ll even pay for it.


Yeah, the PandoSnarks linked to this earlier as part of their "rah rah we charge a membership fee" circlejerk. The thing Topolsky and everyone else misses is that journalists are used to making a shit-ton of money compared to the four bucks per post that supports the rest of the market. Writers are lucky to make half that, since everyone else does it for free.

The "they'll even pay for it" is wishful thinking. They've been steadfastly not paying for it since the dawn of the carrier tone. The fact of the matter is, money comes from paywalls and the number of readers willing to climb one is tiny.

posted by francopoli: 1124 days ago