Subbing in for rinx when I realized I hadn't seen these around.

I just got my Asimov's The Complete Stories: Part I. I already know most of the works in the book, but it's cool just for the ones I don't. There's a part II, but no part III, which makes having a complete (and compact!) collection of Asimov stories quite the pain.

I also tore through Liu Cixin's Three-body problem last week, and oh my god are they good. I actually like the style that the translation from chinese resulted in, and the plot is great. Definitely deserved that price. Now, the third volume is out since 2010 in chinese, but will only be released end of the year. Can't wait.

What are you guys reading?


As per kleinbl00's recommendation I've been reading Destiny Disrupted. I was expecting a more difficult read, but Tamim Ansary does a great job of explaining the situation in clear language. It's nice to read his explanation of people's behaviour instead of abstracted nations and groups. This part of history is such a blind spot for me, and while it's not easy dealing with all the foreign names and pronunciations I like what I'm reading so far.

Last week I found out that my university has Springer books under license. I found this out while looking for the 1629 pages, $1,440 monolith called Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles. So now I've started the collossal task of reading the entire thing because I can't call myself knowledgable on the subject until I've done that. It's very interesting though.

(If anyone knows some more good Springer books, let me know! I already found a neat Python for science book.)

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