The line is blocks and blocks long. The crowd is pumped. Chants of "Bernie! Bernie!" break out every few minutes, both inside the arena and outside in line.

Danny Glover, actor and activist, and Ben Jealous, former president and CEO of NAACP, are giving introductions.

Will try to live blog it some. Pictures incoming.


Here's him on stage!

And my bed-hair in this shot (I went with my mother, my most adoring photographer)

So, Bernie was tired. The crowd was definitely lit, but Bernie seemed to be going through the motions. I don't know if it's because I could have practically recited his stump speech before even hearing it, that this is hundredth time doing it in the last year, his slight cough throughout, or because of what seemed like only a brief foray into what makes Baltimore unique among his stump speech pit-stops (I'm referring to Freddie Gray, the protests, and the BLM movement more generally).

Don't get me wrong. I love the man. I love his conviction, his integrity, and a lot of his platform. But I think that he's aware that, while it's still mathematically possible for him to win the Democratic primary, it's gotten crushingly less likely. I know this is the part where people chime in and say, "Not with that attitude will he win!" and they're right. I'm not trying to shortchange the guy.

The rally left me buzzing, like large, socially cohesive events are wont to do. But I feel the reality is thus: Clinton is going to win (D) primary. We're then in for a memorable general election campaign, to say the least, one which Clinton will then win. Bernie forced Clinton to concede a lot more promises and ground to the progressive arm of party on her way to the general election (admittedly less ground than progressives would've liked). But my overwhelming takeaway is that the US electorate is shifting. 5 years ago, I never thought a self-avowed socialist would run for governor, let alone for president. I think that within a generation, we will see the next FDR come to power. He or she will ride a popular mandate, their campaign congealing into a stronger central government which pushes through a sweeping set of reforms concerning climate change, healthcare, education, poverty, criminal justice, and more. Or someone leaks a sextape. Who the hell knows.

All I know is that I came of age in a time where Congress is synonymous with inert inaction. I have only read of times when a legislature acted cooperatively to conquer social and economic ills. And so I await a resounding, charismatic figurehead.


Awesome. I wish I could find it now but I saw an incredible promo video of Sanders and Mark

Ruffalo (who was being a little creepy as a Ruffalo do) walking through Brooklyn and talking about Bernie's values from childhood and little-known accomplishments

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