"Like a drone, but better at killing you"


"noisier than a helicopter, without the ability to auto-rotate"

That's the thing people forget about helicopters: you can land them with a dead engine. They also have aerodynamic qualities that make them stay in the air. multirotors drop like rocks.

They're also terribly inefficient. Compare and contrast:

E-Volo: 450kg, 2 passengers, 100km/h cruise (projected), 6500 ft ceiling (projected), 20 minute flight time (1 hr projected)

Dynali H-3 Sport: 450 kg, 2 passengers, 130 km/h cruise, 10,000 ft ceiling, 3 hour flight time.

The Dynali? 110,000 Euros. e-Volo? 300,000 Euros. For the price of this thing you could buy a brand-new Robinson R-22 and bring along a couple friends, or rent it out for aerials, or, you know, not have to pop the ballistic parachute if you forget that it's a cold day and you have 2/3rds the battery capacity.

Over a lake.

Better be at least 300 feet up, though, or your chute won't work.

posted by veen: 1003 days ago