Wow, the sound and the fury on that article. I read all the way through, hoping to find some relevance, but in the end, the best they can do is tie into the same MSNBC article we made fun of last week.

Not mentioned is the fact that the paleoconservatives never held much sway over anything, and whoever these "neoreactionaries" they're describing may be, they have even less presence than Pat Buchanan, who was a first-order crank and grumpy old man. There will always be these figures - Lyndon LaRouche, the John Birch Society, the Minuteman movement - but nobody really gives a fuck until they start getting primary votes.

Before the Internet these elements were all at the sci fi conventions. Piers Anthony has like six books in which a benevolent dictator sweeps into power and "fixes" things. Asimov and Pournelle always structure their books around all-knowing messianic geniuses that are accountable to no one. The Golden Age of Sci Fi is chockablock with lilly-white ubermenschen that protect the Master Race from aliens using a credo of the needs of the species; now that they can all get together to swap ideas without tumbling into the station wagon, they're debatably more visible.

They are no more influential.

posted 1567 days ago