I recently started writing in my books when I read them. It has made the single biggest difference in remembering and understanding what I've read. I don't think I can ever go back again.

Unfortunately, there isn't any good ebook substitute for writing in an actual book, or at least I haven't found it. The best I've found is Adobe Reader, which says something about how little most ebook platforms know about writing in books. But even with a proper writing capability, no software will be able to smoothly flip back to another part of the book when I want to refer to what the author said earlier.

Ebooks hold the same place in my mind as LibreOffice: both are a good cheap substitute for the real thing, but only if you don't intend on using them in any sort of serious capacity. I read the Hunger Games on eBook, and that went fine, but that's only because those books weren't important or life-changing. But if you really want to fully understand a book, you need to buy the copy that's made out of dead trees, and fill the important parts with so much ink that you can barely read the original words.

posted by demure: 1005 days ago