Look at that video. Now, under settings, slow it down to .25 speed. See that weird shadow across the top of the video at about 2.5 second mark? Yea, that is the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION.

Details. ZWO ASI120MC camera, 14" Dobsonian mounted telescope with GOTO and motors, new Laptop, lots of patience and planning. The ISS transited the moon in roughly 15 frames taken at 27FPS. That video is 200 frames of about 10,000 that I got over the course of the night dialing in the gear and making the camera and laptop do what I wanted. For the actual transit, I had to guess where the space station would cross; if i guess wrong I get nothing. As it is, the ISS is barely in the video and there are only two frames that I may be able to play with to get detail and show what the ISS looks like in front of the moon. If I had the moon just a bit to the south of where I ended up I'd have more to play with. This is the first time I have tried this, and BOOM! nailed it.

Events like this are not that rare, and most inhabited spots on earth can expect to see a transit like this once every 6-8 weeks on average. This one went not far from my house, and I grabbed a few other photographers to try to tick this one off the bucket list.

I am way too tired, and have a meeting in 5 hours, but I did play a bit with the stills and got the following: Imgur does some dynamic nonsense to the image, and it is grainy, BUT THE ISS IS THERE!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!

I also got some Jupiter data to play with after we stopped dancing like goobers and had to start packing up. Hopefully I will have some of that to share with the group later this week.

Have a nice day, Hubski, you guys are awesome.


All we need is for lil to write a poem and thenewgreen to sing that poem and @elizabeth to incorporate this into one of her vlogs... and this will become the hubski post to end all hubski posts.

Congrats on this capture. Simply wonderful.

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