I've narrowed my college choice down to 2 and I'm having a touch time deciding on the specific one. I was hoping some of the crazy cast of hubski could share some of their experiences of what they chose, why an how it worked out.

UF vs Case Western

Basically boils down to big state school vs small private school. Theres countless pros and cons for each but the major ones are:


More exciting, in a big city far away, stuff around it, people from different places

Got a good vibe from the tour, everyone seemed friendly and happy

Slightly better academics

Smaller classes/more personal

with the downside that its cold and far away and would come out with a doable but not nothing amount of debt

vs UF which

Debt free

Massively bigger, so more class choices and research going on and more of about everything

Short of class sizes, academically about as good in rankings

But has the downsides of being a kinda culty big school

Have any of you gone through the same thing? What did you decide and did you like the choice? Thank you so much! :)

posted by spencerflem: 980 days ago