Where the Poor Live the Longest


    New York City 79.5

    San Jose, Calif. 79.5

    Santa Barbara 79.4

LOL @ the notion that there are poor people in any statistically-significant quantity in Santa Barbara.

Looking at their "interactive" map it appears that they're just renaming counties based on the biggest city in them and, if you click around, you can actually watch counties melt into each other in real time as the visualization catches up to the data it's derived from (when I first clicked on it, it gave me King, Snohomish, Skagit, Island, Whatcom and Pierce counties, but no data; as soon as I clicked on it, everything except Whatcom became "Seattle" and Whatcom became "Bellingham"). This is just the NYT visualization department taking a crude instrument to a broad statistical study we've discussed before:

posted by veen: 1190 days ago