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Congratulations! You've Been Fired - New York Times

    It turned out I’d joined a digital sweatshop, where people were packed into huge rooms, side by side, at long tables. Instead of hunching over sewing machines, they stared into laptops or barked into headsets, selling software.

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Why I refuse to send people to jail for failure to pay fines - Washington Post

    Melissa J. showed up in my court last year with four kids in tow. Her children quietly watched from a nearby table while I spoke with her. The charges against her — driving with an invalid license, driving without insurance, not wearing a seat belt, failure to use a child safety seat properly and four failures to appear — were nothing unusual for municipal court. Nor were her fines of several thousand dollars. But for Melissa, who had a low-paying job and a husband in prison, and who looked like she hadn’t slept in days, that number might as well have been several million.

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Why Nature Prefers Hexagons - Nautilus

    The wax walls are made with a very precise thickness, the cells are gently tilted from the horizontal to prevent the viscous honey from running out, and the entire comb is aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field. Yet this structure is made without any blueprint or foresight, by many bees working simultaneously and somehow coordinating their efforts to avoid mismatched cells.

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SpaceX Sticks a Rocket Landing at Sea in Historic First

    After separating from Dragon a few minutes after liftoff, the Falcon 9's first stage performed several flyback engine burns, then eventually lowered itself vertically onto a SpaceX drone ship that was stationed off the Florida coast.

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an oldie. XKCD 179


This is the second negative article I've read about HubSpot this week. Did one of their competitors hire a PR firm?

One of my former roommates had a HubSpot shot glass as swag from a career fair. He (thankfully) never worked there, though.

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