I would like to address the posts by rangergames and 6d6rpg being tagged as spam. These are not spammers, they are sharing the sites with stories and RPG materials. Pretty much only now have I realized that this tag can be abused this way. Please excuse my earlier questioning of this stance, mk. I was naïve. Whoever did it, I would like on the behalf of mentioned users plea to remove this tag. I do read their blogs and it is a legit source of materials. Just because you guys might not be interested it is not by any means spam. While I hardly have any clout here, I do hope that someone might at least look into it.

On the other hand, I can see the reason for this tag. rangergames and 6d6rpg and pretty much anyone who produces content should be an active poster. I can get why this occurred in #rpg, there are hardly any users there to check. To avoid it, please: make comments, discuss. Ask questions, join conversations. If all you guys do is using this place as your RSS, this is wrong and I am hereby retracting any word said in your defence. If you want to be here, please join in and get at least a bit active. That's the point of community, right?

Best Regards


EDIT: To avoid bulk response, yes I do use the recommended tools and filters. Thanks.

EDIT2: Apparently yet again my shortcomings in language and social graces caused opposite effect to what I was aiming for and generally caused a shitstorm. I'm sorry. I'll try to limit my dwelling outside of the area of my imminent interest. What I have learned from here is that, as yet again, I should have stood the fuck away and let it all play on its own. In the end it does not seem like all that much of a community, but hey, I'm still learning about this place. I do want (and did) apologize, but if this admission is somehow offensive… that's beyond my caring capacity.


I am the one who tagged both of the above users as spam. tacocat's explanation describes exactly why I did so. There are other users who mostly post links to one website, but with only one exception, I haven't marked any of those posts as spam.

When I'm bored, I go to global feed and mark things as spam. Here's my rationale:

1. If a user has commented, or shared posts from any other user, I do not mark their posts as spam.

2. If a user comments on their own posts when someone responds, I also don't mark their posts as spam.

3. If a user has self-promoted several posts in a row that have no shares or comments, I mark their posts as spam. If someone continuously posts things that no one in this community has interest in, it's spam.

4. If someone posts a new post every day, from the same website, then they're posting far more than most other people in the community. This is a good indicator, but not a guarantee, of spam. Most quality posts are not released on a daily basis, because good writing takes longer to read than it does to write.

I have no real problem with self-promotion. A fair amount of our regular uses do it. But I do have a problem with users who are not at all otherwise engaged with the community self-promoting. I have a rather low toleration for "blogspam" as it's commonly called on reddit, and I don't like people using online communities that they are not members of as an advertising platform. I don't think I'm alone in thinking this.

If 6d6rpg and rangergames want to comment on this, I'd be glad to hear their opinions. Assuming they are people, and not bots. If most people would prefer me to block these users rather than mark them as spam, I'll do so, but I marked those posts as spam assuming that most hubskians did not want to see those posts, either. As klein mentioned, if you follow #rpg and block #spam, you should still see those posts, so Devac, I know I'm not inconveniencing you directly.

Also, I'd like to point out that hubski does not work like reddit. #rpg isn't a subreddit, and the content posted with that tag isn't only visible to people who follow that tag. As such, it isn't like reddit, where I can safely ignore posts that don't interest me by not subscribing to #rpg. I would have to block #rpg, which I don't want to do, because several posts using that tag do interest me, just not those posted in excess by a few users. Any post, no matter the tags shows up to everyone who doesn't filter them. It's how Hubski is designed. This is a very small site, so the design works well.

posted by Devac: 1109 days ago