I had a really vague idea of what cryonics was before reading this blog post.

I thought these people were crazy, now I can understand part of it because it seems that there is a "logic" behind it even If I still find this super-weird. To see it as being a test-subject in a scientific experiment is an interesting idea, and I think it qualifies as scientific in the sense that in the very-long-future-if-we-are-still-here, the physics doesn't seem contradictory to the experiment and we will be able to refute or accept it.


Here's the thing I never see addressed in any hypothesizing about cryonics: The future doesn't want YOU.

Ok. So, tomorrow we figure out how to thaw people reliably.

Who wants to go into the freezer, pull out a bunch of coke-addled lawyers from the 1980's, a couple of whacko "visionaries" from the 1970's, and Walt Disney's head?

None of these people could do anything as simple as make a phone call, today. Hand them an iPhone, and they'd be baffled.

Sit them down in front of a computer with a mouse, and they wouldn't know what to do with it.

Try to get them to send an email. "Icons? What are icons? Click? What do you mean?"

And those 70's/80's visionaries? Free love? They've never heard of HIV/AIDS. Acid and weed? They are completely unprepared for the power of the shit any high schooler can get today.

Hell, credit cards didn't even come into common use until the 1990's.

These people would be useless drags on our society, rather than some sort of gift to the future. Other than being some sort of vintage curio, their only value would be as museum exhibits, or ethnological exhibits in zoos.

Hey! I'm gonna freeze myself so I can be useless burden on the future, as well! Woohoo!"

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