This whole situation makes me think that pretty soon Republicans are going to have to commit to being either the "pro business" party or the "traditional values" party. Seems like if you really cared about government stepping out of the way of growth, you wouldn't go out of your way to implement shitty social policy that alienated a notable part of the potential workforce, and then double down when a number of really influential businesses threatened to boycott your state.

McCrory six months ago, on what attracts a company to your area:

    they look at factors of do you have the talent, which includes education, are you affordable, and that includes both the tax and the incentives, and they also look at transportation [which] is becoming a big issue.

Great breakdown, Pat, good job, buddy. Conspicuously absent from the list, though: whether or not you codify discrimination.

Business or old-timey moral values, pick one.

posted 1548 days ago