... oyster gets pissed off and needs to rant.

Everybody is going to feel good when they help others, but when people care more about that feeling than they do about actually helping it drives me insane. Lately I see this cropping up in the forms of "being sensitive to the needs of others" or "being sensitive to others struggles/experiences". BULLSHIT. People just talk like that because they want to feel good about themselves "oh look at me I'm so mindful and considerate of other people." When in reality they would never actually lift a finger to help anybody. People don't need to be hidden away from what upsets them, they need to go to counselling.

I've dealt with some upsetting shit so sometimes I have to avoid news, social media, and other websites when this topic is trending but that doesn't mean people shouldn't talk about this stuff. That means an event effected me way more than I was ever willing to admit to myself and I need help. Hiding me away from the problem isn't helping in the least. People who want to do that for others aren't looking to help anybody actually get better. They just want to feel good about themselves without doing any work to find out what would actually help.

posted by oyster: 1021 days ago