I like youtube channels that have active communities in the comments.

What are your favorite youtube channels?

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TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit - In-depth review and problems with ports and market. In addition there are boardgames and recent series of hilarious in execution social deduction game Secret Hitler.

Jessie Cox -Lore-heavy Let's Player, aligned with my sense of humour.

Jim Sterling

Education (informal):

Objectivity - Various Cool Stuff

Numberphile - Mathematics

Periodic Videos - Chemistry

Computerphile - Computer Science and Hardware

Sixty Symbols - Physics/Astronomy

QI - Official BBC channel dedicated to panel show QI.

Education (formal):

NPTELHRD - Indian polytechnic lectures, content in English.

MIT OpenCourseWare - MIT lectures, that's it.

Dr Cris Tisdell - Clear hands-on introductions to various mathematical subjects.

DrPhysicsA - Physics lectures from 'A Levels' up to some of the upper undergraduate courses.

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