thenewgreen: When I was a kid my parents always fawned over my friend Tim's parents house. They loved it and they always talked of building a house similar to it one day. Well, they took it a step passed similar and essentially replicated the exterior of the house verbatim. It was pretty embarrassing to me because I wanted us to have our own house. It was even the same exact color. That said, it's not the shell of a home or even a town that gives it it's character, it's the contents within. The people, the sounds and the smells. It's the details that make something special and unique. There's no doubt that this town in China will be far different than it's inspirer. It would actually be pretty amazing to be one of the Austrian inhabitants of the town and go visit. Though I'm not so sure Tim felt any sort of amazement when visiting our replica of his childhood home.

posted by user-inactivated: 2380 days ago