My eyes were closed all day long

Hidden behind screens

I opened them to see

The earth was doing

Remarkable things

And you were there

And the kids were too

For just a moment I could see

I could hear the world sing

All existence in one moment

And then my phone rang



Yikes, I tend to not use my phone much which I attribute to living in a mountain town for months with crappy service. When it's not convenient you stop caring so because of this I tend to notice more when others are on their phones a lot. I've also noticed how uncomfortable people are with just interacting with the world around them as if that disconnectedness sticks with them long after they put the phone down. I'm not sure which came first, the disconnectedness or the phone. Maybe they always felt disconnected and the phone takes their mind off it. So instead of awkwardly sitting there and knowing you don't connect with a group now you can awkwardly sit there and ignore the reality of how much you can't connect with a group.

posted by thenewgreen: 1044 days ago