It was quite a while ago. It was when Victoria (?) I think who got fired and a lot of redditors as a protest threatened to leave. I and a few found hubski. Though it was big it didn't even seem to make a dent on reddit. No suprise there.

Any of you ex redditors still here? Ever go back to reddit? What do you enjoy the most, reddit or hubski?


I came here from reddit the a couple years ago or so. There are a few things that a larger user base does better than smaller ones, so I retain accounts at both sites. Here at hubski, a smaller group of users means more sophisticated conversations than you'll see on the average subreddit. I do like the encouragement by hubski to subscribe to individuals, though I worry about a future dominated by a handful of users here. The subreddit scheme is something that I enjoy quite a bit. Hubski's tag pages are nice but they are defined by the hashtags that the poster lists at the time of posting. Therefore, less of a unique community grows around and idea like at r/birdswitharms or r/knifeclub.

posted by 28169_2014-006A: 1165 days ago