Another comment thread here on Hubski repeated the oft-spouted idea of college students everywhere that you should go for a job you love, rather than a job that doesn't move you.

And I think there is an unspoken part of this platitude that needs to be said out loud.

No job exists in a vacuum. Every job requires you to work with other people, and to collaborate with them to a greater or lesser extent.

And they will screw up your work.

I'm a writer by trade. I'm really good at my work, and a lot of people in the tech industry pay me ridiculous sums of money to write content for them.

I apply my twenty-plus years of experience to the task, and write AMAZING SHIT.

And then they change it.

And make it shitty.

So yeah. Tell all those idealistic kids to "do what they love", but know that you are setting them up for a life of frustration and stress, as they see the beautiful work they do destroyed by inept committees of the uninformed and unskilled.

This is true for photographers, writers, painters, developers, product designers, brewers, distillers, etc, etc, etc. (Imagine being a distiller and making a glorious new whisky... and then some asshole pours half a Coca Cola over it. Same thing.)

Sometimes it might be better to go do a job for the money, and do the hobbies for love, if you truly love it.


Reality: not as good as it first sounded

posted by goobster: 1171 days ago