Several months ago thenewgreen posted about a Chicago meet up wherein he linked T-Dog's band's site.

On that day, I checked out the site, listened to a few tracks, and based on what I heard and my desire to support hubski users' creative endeavors, I bought the CD. A few days later when it arrived, I put it in my sock drawer and told my wife "hey - thanks for my christmas present. You bought me a CD today. Remind me to put it in my stocking"

Months passed and when I would see it I would think how much I was going to enjoy dropping the CD in the hi-fi and listening to it. I got so good at delaying my gratification that I forgot about the disc on Christmas and didn't open it until just a few weeks ago.

It's now in my car CD player. I've listened to it several times now and I thought I would give it a review here.

The Blisters are talented. These are not just average run of the mill musicians. Their timing is tight. Their lyrics are smart. Their melodies stick in my head. This is a band I would want to see live.

Favorite Moments:

Track 4 - Police - the melody in the chorus is SO CONTAGIOUSLY singable. I find myself singing "What do you expect when you fuck with the Police?" Seriously great song.

The transition between tracks 5 & 6 is a thing of beauty.

Track 3 - One Day - is a great track mixing crunchy distortion with pleasant vocal melodies and great instrumentation.

I could kind of go on and one about every track... but lest you think I am just gushing about this band... here is a spot of what I hope is constructive criticism:

The singer is good but I think could be great. I keep waiting for him to let it all hang out and cut loose. I think he's got it in there, but it's as if he's hiding it a bit.

The guitar parts are solid, played well and clean... but the solos, like the lead singer, seem to be holding back. It's clear from the songs that the guitarist(s) know what they're doing technically... but the solos didn't feel confident.

TLDR - the album is very good... and IMHO, maybe even has elements of genius woven throughout. It's hard not to make comparisons when talking about music. If I could make one - it would be that this album feels like Radiohead's Pablo Honey. Just good, enjoyable, musically thick rock and roll. Keep up the good work T-dog and the rest.

posted by steve: 1046 days ago