Anyone watching this?

Odd seeing two adults go toe to toe after watching the GOP debates.


Haven't watched it yet, but I read the highlights. It sounds like Bernie is finally getting pissed off enough to attack her. Good. Mudslinging is bad, but it's also really hard to win a defensive war. It sounds like he's finally being assertive enough to call out her glaring hypocrisy.

It was infuriating when he 'lost' the last debate, after she claimed hedge fund managers hate her, having attended a fundraiser for them less than a week prior, and he failed to point that out (or much else).

Favorite segment:

    Sanders also urged Clinton to release copies of the speeches she gave to Wall Street, for which Wall Street gave her millions of dollars. Clinton said she would release transcripts when everyone did, to which Sanders threw his arms in the air: “Here it is! There ain’t nothing! I don’t give speeches on Wall Street.”


    Clinton pitched herself the pragmatist; she argued that the bank also helps small businesses

…interesting. Up 'til now, the only ones we've heard cry 'helps small business' about welfare-for-the-rich were Republicans. But Clinton's not a Republican. Definitely not.

    “You know…” Clinton interjected, before Sanders cut her off: “Excuse me, I’m talking,”

The whole stopping her interruptions thing? I feel like one of his aides must have really pressured him, and said, "You gotta stop her, if you keep letting her interrupt you, you're never gonna win a debate." Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like he wouldn't start that on his own unless someone had a serious Face The Music sit-down with him.

posted by thenewgreen: 1206 days ago