This holiday weekend, Reynolds’s new comeback film — a little something called “Deadpool” — has not only recouped its modest $58-million production budget by its domestic debut alone. The 20th Century Fox flick has also blown well past all studio hopes and projections for the Presidents’ Day frame — $135-million for three days, and $150-million over the holiday weekend — and in doing so, has redrawn much of the industry picture for the 21st-century adult comic-book film.


I saw Deadpool this weekend. It might seem silly to put the movie in the context of it's R-rating, but I think in this case it is justified. Deadpool would have sucked as a PG-13 movie, if it even could have been made. As it was, the movie was fantastic. There's so much more creative freedom to create entertaining, pseudo-realistic, characters when you can actually include things like sex, drugs, and violence, and when you can make it funny, too.

posted by goo: 1037 days ago