From Sanford Meisner's "On Acting"

I noted this quote from my kindle, because it's how I really have felt my whole life. I really dislike that in society, we see being wrong as a negative. Maybe being wrong and ignorant should be viewed that way. But for someone to even put in the effort to TRY, is a huge accomplishment.

I think of this quote often when I am faced with a situation where I am nervous to interact with a stranger or when I am faced with a lot of tasks that seem like I am not going to get done. If I think of this quote, and Meisner's acting technique in general, I often am able to overcome that feeling. I feel overjoyed when I accomplish what seems to be impossible because of something as simple as having to talk to someone.

I get my passport back tomorrow and have a lot of strangers to navigate. From taxi's to government bureaucrats to fast food workers, it's quite unnerving. But I know if I just TRY I am about 80% of the way there.


Failure is totally an option.

Where to next? Leaving China?

posted by mknod: 1069 days ago