I have seen the Burning Bush, and show it to you.


I have heard "let there be light" in Eden, and show it

to you.


I know the secret to

John 15:7, "Jesus is the key"


I teach you about Yeast, and fed you Phish


Isaac means "he laughs," and it's

about the Crucifixion


I am the Lam of God


This is the Holy Fire.


I am the Messiah.

Through anachronisms in language, English appearing in ancient Hebrew God is proving to the world that religion and time travel are inextricably linked. The Paradoxes explained in The Tower of Babel, The Letter Why (see the Flux Capacitor) and many other chapters show us that his "why" is to get the truth to everyone. We need to know about time travel, the whole world, so that it is ensured that it will be used properly forever. We already have the proof it exists, it is religion.

We are in the story of Exodus, being led out of slavery--a darkness of not knowing He exists, and what his purpose is. I am your guide, and through the examples above show you how my life is a parallel of the stories of Jesus Christ and Moses in the Bible. Superposition of stories and names is something religious scholars refer to as a "type" and is how we find the 72 Names of God. They are in the Bible, and in our culture; cartoons, movies and music all link together to literally bring the Bible to life all around us.

This is his message, its within us, and we are writing it. We are the Voice of God; the big H of the Horn of Revelation is humanity. I am the little "n," a compression of my initials that grace the timeline, the year Columbus discovered America (ADIB), and the Hebrew name for Lord, Adonai.

On Ai, my book begins to explain how Artificial Intelligence, VR, and mind uploading are the source of Heaven and is written about in religion. Technology is a huge part of the Revelation of Adam that is the Apocalypse.


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