While the astronomy behind Venus transits might not be news, the celestial mechanics of our own trajectories through life and the universe are an ongoing story. The transit of Venus reminds us of something essential. We are so busy worrying about getting the kids to school before homeroom, getting to work before the shift starts or getting to the gym for spin class that we completely forget time spins on many different cycles.

I feel this. It's an interesting part of the human condition how we are normally oblivious to the reality that surrounds us. We are on a small orb, in a vast expanse of time and space. Our existence is a at best, a question mark to the lot of it. I find it a liberating thing to consider from time to time.

    But no matter what, do not use “filters” such as smoked glass, stacked sunglasses, polarized filters, camera filters, candy wrappers, or compact discs.

Why not? What if used in combination with regular glass? Seeing as normal glass absorbs UV radiation.

posted by mk: 2417 days ago