This week you will be able to see all five naked eye planets in the same part of the sky at the same time! David Fuller has a great video on how to tell which of the bright points of light are the planets and which ones are stars. I've been clouded in for the last week or so (but of course) so here is hoping that you get a chance to check this out.

This is a rare event in the span of a human lifetime. All five planets are visible at the same time like this on average about every 10-15 years. So if you live well, you will have 7 or 8 tries to be able to see the reason we have seven days in a week!


Note that the absolute best time to do this is going to be Saturday and Sunday early to catch the moon as well. After looking at all seven of the wanderers (including the sun) I bet you can figure out real quick why we have seven days in a week!

posted by francopoli: 1078 days ago