The motif of silence and complicity is common when it comes to harassment and assault in rock. In a horrifying Vice piece last October, Rachel Grace Almeida gathered up a slew of stories from women in the industry, many of which resemble the ones that have surfaced about Berru. They range from intimate and personal—about, say, a guy whose abused girlfriend didn’t speak up because he was friends with her bandmates—to higher-up: a boss making advances toward a younger female employee. None of the women or men in the article were referred to by their real names. At the end, Almeida offered a prescription for how to change things:


    David Bowie’s many appreciations in the past two weeks have mostly omitted mentions of his participation in the “baby groupies” scene of the 1970s where he took the virginity of a 14-year-old, nor have they delved much into the rape accusation against him in 1987 (he was acquitted)

1. The girls he was with were not 14, they were 15. Big difference? No. But if you're going to write something like this, get it straight.

2. Both the girls, many years later, state that they wouldn't have changed a thing. Also, Bowie was around 24. it's not a simple matter... Or is it?

3. He was acquitted of the TX rape allegations. Then, why bring it up? Didn't read the rest of the article. Maybe they address these things

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