$2.60 / 2.43 euro. It also passed Ripple and Dogecoin in volume. I put 75 euro in when it was under 90 cents a pop. One more day of this trend and I'll have tripled my money! Thank god for stop loss orders. mk


Are you selling all through the stop loss?

I am holding ETH as well, and won't sell for anything in the near term. There are too many events this year that will likely put positive pressure on the price. Here are three: 1) More exchanges, especially in China, 2) Homestead release, 3) Switch to PoS from PoW.

The marketcap is only 200M USD today. If you consider that Ethereum will reach the levels of adoption that bitcoin has, the price will be far higher.

Of course, it's not a given, but don't let the price movement influence your decision to sell. Of course, if you can't bear to watch these gains disappear in the interim, and/or if you need the money, then selling makes sense. But, be able to live with yourself if the price drops to $1.50 tomorrow, then is at $20 in March. :)

posted by veen: 1183 days ago