I just found out my old band broke up. I am so proud of the album I did with them. It taught me a lot about how I wanted to play, and the value of simplicity.


I left the band to go do my master's degree. I told them not to wait for me - But I occasionally wonder what things would have been like if I'd stayed instead. It was a split in the path of my life, a branching decision.

There's one song on the album where you can hear me singing a harmony part that we didn't actually record. I was so in to it, and singing out as I played, so I bled into the drum mics.


In the spirit of nostalgia, post music from your favourite projects you've been involved with over the years.


Aw man it's been two years already. I've changed so much musically.

I didn't have ANYTHING to make high fidelity music with

posted by coffeesp00ns: 1315 days ago