All the other boats are fine

They all get tied up at night

Or lifted above the choppy water

So comfortable

In their casual talk

Warm in their slickers

Two older boats take the eddy

Commanding the waters

Children, real children

Dive off of the dock

There's a bald spot

It's where I lay

The lake freezes over

They've forgotten me again

My wooden sides split

My paint bubbles

They argue over who forgot

While the damage doubles

Spring comes

All the boats are new

The old boats are new

The new boats are new

I am not new

What I would give to be new

I have no sail to raise

I am dependent on them

The fuel I need

Is withheld for cigarettes and fast food

I'll lay on the bald spot


Until they remember

And lay the blame on anything

But themselves

posted by thenewgreen: 1098 days ago