I've tried and failed to finish the last three pieces I've started to write. I'm in a stuck spot where I can't seem to get things onto the page in a way that is useful or reflective of the ideas and feelings I want to impart. This hasn't happened to me much before, and I'm feeling kind of frustrated.

So I'm asking: What do you do to try and lift yourself out of a creative funk?



Seriously. Throw on some tunes, throw on some sweats, and run/walk/whatever and cogitate on it. Then take a shower and cogitate some more. If that doesn't work, get a hip flask and draw a tub (a spa is best). Failing that, sleep on it.

The secret to writer's block is to recognize that the bulk of what you write won't really shine until you rewrite it anyway so don't be precious with it. Solve the problem and move on. And recognize that you might very well need to kill five days' worth of work with one days' revision but that the one days' revision is better than the five you're killing.

posted by TheGreatAbider16: 1232 days ago