I just joined Hubski today. I had visited the site a few times a while back when looking in to reddit alternatives but this is the first time I took the effort to learn about what made Hubski different. So now I have an account and I wanted to say hello. I look forward to learning about the community here.

I've already followed a few tags. A lot of the popular ones are up my alley already... Specifically the science and technology ones.

Any tips for getting the most out of this community would be appreciated too. :)


Hubski is all about relationships between users. Tomorrow is Wednesday which means a catchall thread called pubski will be posted. It and past editions are a good place to lurk and find out what a particular hubskier is up to or ruminating on.

Don't be afraid to share your thoughts but try and avoid being antagonistic.

My personal philosophy is to be liberal with sharing things so that others can see them so click away!

posted 1678 days ago