I read nearly 140,000 formerly classified documents about America’s abuse of prisoners since 2001. Here is what I learned.

    That the United States operated secret prisons anywhere on earth just so we could place our prisoners and jailors outside the reach of U.S. laws prohibiting torture is outrageous, of course. But there’s something especially perverse about basing one of these facilities in a country whose “bitter recent experiences” include first Nazi occupation and extermination camps and then four decades of communist oppression.

I still wouldn't mind seeing some people go to jail over this. I know that it won't happen, but the Bush administration was foolish and wrong to do this. It's not only evil, it's utterly stupid. It doesn't provide quality information, and it encourages others to do the same. What was so bad about that administration, was that they discarded so much of what was already known for what they thought they knew.

posted by NotPhil: 2519 days ago