Is this satirical? Discuss.

Edit: Just found out the ad was aired on TV during SNL, so that's an important piece of context.

Edit 2: I've thought about it more than too much and decided that The Cruz Christmas is unfortunately humorous, but far from a joke. It's probably one of the most clever things I've ever seen from a presidential campaign. There are so many elements catering to improving Ted Cruz's image from every vantage, appealing to every demographic, blahblahblah. Such incredible PR that I'm wondering how much it's costing him, and not just the monetary amount. See more Cruz action in the comments.


The Daily Show had a bit about Cruz making and posting videos for his PAC that were strange and rife for parody but I honestly don't know if this is real or the result of that segment.

As long as I'm here, Ted Cruz is Canadian. Look it up and remember the birthers

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